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Pablo Fajardo continues to misrepresent brother’s death, lies about Chevron’s involvement

DATE: Sep. 29, 2009 POSTED IN: Chevron Ecuador Blog Posts

Time and again, Pablo Fajardo has used his brother’s death for PR purposes in attempt to cast suspicion on Chevron and ostensibly further the goals of the lawsuit. In various speeches, public engagements and news stories, Fajardo has implied that Texaco (Chevron) was responsible for his brother’s 2004 murder. Below are two instances of statements made by Pablo Fajardo that pertain to his brother’s death.

  • “In my case, in 2004 when we were starting the case, one of my brothers was killed. I cannot say Texaco is to be blamed for this, and neither can I say the opposite. This was never investigated. There have been a lot of things, a lot of pressure and persecution.” – Pablo Fajardo, Ecuador TV, April 22, 2008.
  • Fajardo affirmed that “in these 15 years we have received a lot of pressure, starting with threatening phone calls, and campaigns to damage the professional reputation of experts defending the FEDAM’S cause. Undoubtedly the most dramatic experience of these clashes is the death of Pablo Fajardo’s brother eight days prior to the beginning of the oral proceedings in this case. “I cannot prove Texaco was behind this, but the truth is my brother was killed,” said Fajardo. – Europa Press (Zaragoza), September 3, 2008

In reality, Wilson Fajardo’s death has been thoroughly investigated and police reports have identified the local individuals responsible. In fact, prior to his first public claims of Texaco’s (Chevron) purported involvement, Fajardo filed a statement with the District Prosecutor at the time of his brother’s murder that makes no mention of Texaco or Chevron. In an official statement he alleges that three local men who had a history with his brother were responsible for the murder.

Further, an El Commercio editorial implies that Fajardo’s death was the result of comments made about the FARC and drug trafficking while working as a reporter with Radio Ecuador.

Whatever the case may be, official police reports, investigations and news reports lack any suggestion that Texaco (Chevron) was involved. Fajardo himself admitted that Chevron  had no role in these events. Nonetheless, Fajardo continues to make misleading public statements about his brother’s murder and Chevron’s involvement.

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